Completing the National Dex in Pokemon Home is reportedly resulting in receiving an Original Color Magearna

The luck of the Pokeball

Completing the National Dex has been the dream of many trainers since they were very young. The reward for completing such an honorable task through Pokemon Home might be something very special. Reports have been given from some dedicated Pokemon catchers that upon finishing the National Pokedex, they received an Original Color Magearna through the Mystery Gift menu. However, some have also received a regularly colored one for completing the dex, so speculation has been running wild for why this is happening. It is currently unknown why people are now in possession of the original color, and an official statement has yet to be given by Nintendo or The Pokemon Company. Could this be the intended reward? A glitch? We'll have to wait to find out exactly what is going on with this mysterious Mythical Pokemon.

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I'm guessing Original Color Magearna is intentional--after all, what else do you give to someone who has every Pokémon already, including Mythical Pokémon?

The glitch would then be in how some people are NOT getting it.

Man, I've liked Pokemon here and there over the years but it's insane how dedicated some of the fans have gotten in the last 20 years


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