Catherine: Full Body and XCOM 2 Collection rated for Switch in South Korea, BioShock Collection spotted again

Major games heading our way

Looks like it's a day for ratings board info. We had a listing from the Taiwanese ratings board earlier today for Bloody Bunny, and now we have the Korean ratings board with some more well-known titles.

According to the Korean ratings board, Catherine: Full Body and XCOM 2 Collection are both heading over to Switch. Catherine: Full Body was a suggested Switch port in Atlus' recent survey, and many speculated that some ports included in that questionnaire were already in the works. This rating would seem to confirm that.

As for XCOM 2 Collection, this would mark the first time we've heard anything about that. The XCOM series would certainly be a welcome addition to the Switch, as the platform seems perfect for the turn-based action/strategy series.

Finally, we once again have a listing for the BioShock Collection, which should surprise no one at this point. The game's rating has popped up so many times on so many different boards. There's no doubt this one is a done deal. We're just waiting for the official announcement.

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Where's the Nintendo Direct to announce this stuff!!!!! I'm going crazy. Please ugggggghhhhhhfhfjfmfkkd.

Doug Bowser: "We are cancelling Nintendo Directs and New Horizons is the only 1st party Switch release this year. Please Understand!"

I'd be all over Catherine on Switch. I have a few versions of the game on 360 but never got around to them due to the pile

Sun Feb 16 20 01:28pm
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Who needs Directs when we have these and leaks? -_-

You guys know how Bioahock would be the greatest? IN VR!

Yeah, VR Bioshock would be cool. Now would you kindly put the cardboard box on your head?

XCOM 2 (aka. Mario + Rabbids Heavy) is phenomenal. Please consider getting it if true.


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