Japanese repair shops see an uptick in Switch units with overheating issues

It's getting hot in here

Japanese repair shops are apparently getting quite a few customers who are experience issues with their Switch overheating. Some stores are now out to spread the word on what's causing these issues in order to prevent future problems.

It seems the problem stems from the HAC-CPU-21 chip, which is connected to the Switch's fan. A glitch prevents the fan from turning on, and thus, your Switch will overheat. In order to remedy the issue, you’ll have to remove the HAC-CPU-21 chip to get the fan functioning again. That said, it's not guaranteed the problem won't rear its head again.

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I wonder if it was more of the new model Switch or the original model.

I remember being quite bummed out when I learned the Switch would require a fan, especially when all Nintendo’s previous handhelds were fanless.

Moving parts in an electronic device are always the parts that fail first. Hopefully someday future advances will allow a fanless Switch.

Sun Feb 16 20 11:10pm
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HAC-CPU-21 is not the chip... That's the product code for the effected switch's motherboard. It's literally printed on the motherboard that's pictured.

IDK how new that switch is, but the launch switch apparently came with the HAC-CPU-01.


Can an update fix this issue? Now I'm paranoid if my v2 switch will stop running the fan...


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