Monolith Soft ends 2019 with 236 employees

Growing and growing

Monolith Soft has been having a really good run for the last few years. The company keeps expanding due to the number of projects they're working on, and the success they've had.

At the end of 2019, the company had 236 employees in its ranks. That would be 12 more employees than they had in Sept. 2019. We already know they're working on the Zelda series and the remake of Xenoblade Chronicles, and there's no doubt something else is in the works too. It's easy to see why they need so many employees!

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They are awesome! I wish they were working on a brand new IP as well as a new Mario RPG.

With how huge and versatile Monolithsoft has become under Nintendo it's a shock and a shame they don't get more Smash representation...

I agree completely, it's a shame there is only one representative from MonolithSoft's games. :/

You know what's really painful? I heard Rex wasn't added to Ultimate because Xenoblade 2 was "too new" to be included... and then they added Byleth, whose game was released well after Ultimate...

Yeah, that excuse made me really pissed! -_-
They could have given us Elma, that way we have gotten more female fighters too.
I do hope there will be at least one more representative from MonolithSoft in fighter pass 2.

Sun Feb 16 20 07:55pm
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*sigh* ...at this point I don't think Sakurai is even trying to make sense of his choices...
Looking at the moves Elma displayed in Xeno X and Xeno 2, I'm more than willing to bet she'd make for a great fighter in Smash... I also think Fiora could make for a pretty amazing fighter too...

After gamefreak went full moneygrab, monolith soft is prob my new favorite dev, looking forward to their new projects ´that I think will expand even bigger!

With helping out on Zelda and Xenoblade, they sure are pretty major! Can't wait to see what they have next.


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