Saber Interactive removes comments hyping up Witcher 3's next patch

Trouble brewing?

Back in Jan. 2020, Saber Interactive was getting people excited about the next patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition. The company took to social media to say "The Witcher’s patch is definitely worth the wait." That news certainly spread far and wide, but now it looks like Saber Interactive is trying to walk back those comments.

All discussion of the next patch has been scrubbed from Saber Interactive's Facebook page. We don't know the reason why the discussion was moved, but some are worried this means bad things for the patch. Perhaps they just wanted to stop people from expecting insanely amazing things, to be subsequently let down by a standard patch.

Hopefully we get some new details on the patch soon. We'll keep tabs on the situation and will certainly keep you up to speed.


Mon Feb 17 20 04:46pm
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Saber Interactive. Same company responsible for the original NBA Playgrounds debacle of a release on Switch.

These guys know how to build hype, that much is true. Delivering on those promises is not their strong suit.

Glad someone else remembers this lot. Hyped up Playgrounds and delivered a lacklustre product. Then they made it even worse with that update. That’s the very day I stopped playing that game. They actually remind me of Slightly Mad with that Project Cars debacle.

Mon Feb 17 20 08:23pm
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Don't forget being behind the EPIC Shaq Fu 2 which still didn't even include all the indiegogo backers in the game proper


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