Rune Factory 4 Special includes a traditional instruction booklet

The good, old days

There was a time when posting about a game having an instruction booklet would be quite odd. Every game had instruction booklets! Nowadays that's not the case, as instruction booklets are a rarity If you miss the old days, you'll be happy to know that Rune Factory 4 Special includes one.

Despite first glance at the picture above, the instruction booklet included inside is actually quite robust. It's 41 pages of characters, controls, gameplay mechanics, credits, and more.


That's a thingI haven't heard in a long time. An elegant resource for a more civilized age.

Nintendo...for charging 60$, don't you think that having instruction booklet could be worthwhile.

It's really only a nostalgia thing. The game should be able to teach you how to play itself.

Tue Feb 18 20 07:03am
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Funnily enough, the game does, and excellently at that. Majority of the quests the game gives you walk through all the necessary mechanics you need to learn to properly play and succeed.

Well made manuals have always served the purpose of a miniature art / fan booklet for me, and especially in case of Rune Factory, having all the character art with character bios and the like is incredibly cool. And seeing them being a thing in this age in which digital only is hailed as the inevitable future, I'm more than extremely glad.

All the possible support for this release. An incredible remaster with added content, additional options and a proper physical release at a lower price point. Nintendo would do good to take some notes regarding their own equivalents.

Always a surprise nowadays when a game does come with a manual.
A nice surprise i nothing else.


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