Coral Nintendo Switch Lite announced - A new splash of color joins the Nintendo Switch Lite lineup!

On April 3, Nintendo will add a new splash of color to its lineup of Nintendo Switch Lite systems, with the introduction of a playful coral-colored version. The coral Nintendo Switch Lite system can be purchased at a suggested retail price of $199.99, joining the existing range of color options for the system: yellow, gray and turquoise. With a vast library of games to play and stylish system colors to choose from, there are more ways than ever to tailor your Nintendo Switch gaming experiences to match your personal style.

Nintendo Switch Lite is designed specifically for handheld play, making it easy to bring a diverse collection of exciting, relaxing and challenging games with you wherever you go. This includes exploring a mysterious world with lively characters and puzzle-filled dungeons in the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening game; catching, battling and trading Pokémon in the Galar region of the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games; or, in the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, launching on March 20, whisking yourself away to an island paradise where you can customize your own dream life.

As a dedicated handheld gaming device, Nintendo Switch Lite has integrated controls and is smaller than the flagship version of Nintendo Switch, but can still play all the games in the robust Nintendo Switch library that support Handheld mode.


They turned Corsola into a Console, those monsters!

Yooo. I don't normally go in for red or pink consoles, but that's a pretty nice color right there.

Nintendo now please SHOW US SOME GAMES.

How many more games you need? My house and SD card are full.

They mean new games. There hasn't been a Direct in months. 2020 is looking pretty empty.

Remember when we got one, maybe two, real announcements of upcoming games a year? Now you can’t go more than 2 months without a Direct (Yes the Indie Direct we had in December does count)

Remember when the Switch launched and we got almost a game per month for a year.

Every week RMC posts the weeks releases for Switch. You might have missed them. I suggest you check them out. Or we can continue to pretend that just because there isn’t a game that you want/like then there must be no games releasing.

OK? Things change as times go on, and so people's expectations adjust accordingly. Nintendo started Directs, so people started expecting them. It's not rocket science. And no, people don't count an indie Direct as a general Direct. They're not nearly the same thing.

Ok so you’re one of those who pretend that because there hasn’t been a game you want/like come out recently then there hasn’t been any games on Switch lately and that Indies aren’t “real” games. Gotcha.

Woof. What a straw man.

But sure, champ, whatever you say.

Tue Feb 18 20 11:57am
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Loved the color. This will be my color of choice if and when I decide to buy a Switch Lite. But yeah we totally need a new Direct.

this Nintendo Switch Lite is so pretty, so good that Nintendo is ofering more colours options for customers.


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