Nintendo announces an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct for Feb. 20th, 2020

Onward to New Horizons!

It may not be the Nintendo Direct everyone was hoping for, but it is a Direct of some sort! We'll tune in at 9 AM ET on Feb. 20th, 2020 for a 25-minute Direct focused on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Get ready for an info-overload on Animal Crossing!


I can skip this one. Until they confirm a fix for not being able to transfer your save to a new Switch, I have zero interest in this game.

Can I hope for this one being more exciting than the one for Pokemon?

I was expecting a full fledged Nintendo Direct to happen this week but this is good enough.

Yay. (Goes back to playing Stardew Valley)

*sigh* Im excited for Animal Crossing and have already pre-loaded the game. But come on Nintendo where is the general direct? Is Animal Crossing and a PMD remake the only games for Q1? Im starting to think E3 will be the only general direct we get...

Tue Feb 18 20 06:54pm
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Isn't E3 in June, though?

I'm stsrting to think if they do not have a Direct sooner than later then they are waiting to see what MS and Sony are up to. But that will just hurt them since we need to know what games are on the horizon (yeah, yeah). And where's my Bayonetta 3 news? What about that Bioshock Xcom stuff being rumoured? C'mooon, Ninty!

I doubt they are waiting for Sony and Microsoft to say anything, nor do they have anything they could show as a response to what they show.

Usually they at least have a big June game. Wonder what's taking them so long.

The Switch Pro could be one. What games they should release for the holidays is absolutely another idea, They'll have get some attention somehow!

Can't you guys just wait for Nintendo to be ready to show the games they want to show?

Its unneeded pressure. They already released a lot of games last year. They aren't any bigger than Sony or Microsoft so they can only do so little. Just calm down and enjoy what Nintendo has given you.

I've actually been craving the information necessary to make the new Animal Crossing a "must have" for me. It feels like a lot of details are still unknown, and I just need to hear that this will be a fresh new experience for people who might have over-played the last installment.

(still, a general direct would have been more fun)

Super excited to hear that Nintendo is finally shedding a bit more light on this next game. I don't necessarily need to know anymore before I make my purchase, as I'm already sold--but I am excited to see if there's anything new and surprising in New Horizons.

Given the articles I've been reading. I don't know exactly what would be a big deal. Patches of grass? A new animal friend? New tools? An amusement park? I can't tell what would be a big deal for this game.

I'm so jaded I saw this picture posted somewhere and my first instinct was that it was a fake.

I'm so hyped!


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