Smash Bros. Ultimate "Showdown! Born in the 90s" tournament announced

Only 90s kids will understand

The next Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament has been announced, and it's kicking off Feb. 21st, 2020. The theme of the tournament is "Showdown! Born in the 90s," and as you might guess, it's tied to 90s games and characters. You'll have 3 days to get in on the tournament action.


Well, this is a super cool promotion. There are a ton of fun properties from the 90s that Nintendo could tie into Smash Bros. to help promote this tournament. Good luck to anyone participating.

~Back in the 90s
I was in a very famous video game~

1994 my birth year, the birth year of my favorite game series DKC and the birth year of my favorite videogame character and Nintendo Villian King K.Rool!

Excluded are the Inklings, who are a product of the 2010s despite OOZING 90s (no pun intended).

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