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Japanese PS Vita visual novels 'Gunka wo Haita Neko' & 'Variable Barricade' are coming to Switch

Making the Switch
by nintendojam
19 February 2020
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Two Japanese visual novels that were previously only available for Sony's PS Vita/PS4 are now seeing release on Nintendo Switch. Details on "Gunka wo Haita Neko" from publisher Prototype (pictured above) and "Variable Barricade NS" from Idea Factory / Otomate can be found below.

Variable Barricade NS
- Releasing June 18th, 2020
- ¥6,930 (limited edition available for ¥9,130)

A proposal within five seconds of meeting!?

The mysterious handsome men who appeared in front of Hibari, the only daughter of a distinguished Toujou family, were the groom candidates who had been sent by her natural enemy, her grandfather.

Alerted by her intuition Hibari realized that there must be something more behind this.
Why now? And anyway, who are these guys in the first place?
Though she showed a firmly defiant stance toward this obviously suspicious situation, her grandfather's decision was absolute.
While still surprised they were given a villa, and on the premise of a marriage proposal they started living together.

The four men try to pursue her in many ways, aiming for the groom position.
Within the dazzling days of seduction, Hibari resolutely makes her decision.

"There's absolutely no way I'll fall for you!"

Gunka wo Haita Neko
- Release date unknonw
- Price unknown

This is a world where cat people exist, and consider humans as their gods whose wishes must be fulfilled.

Our protagonist is cat princess Tama, who’s been arranged to marry her cousin Koutarou in a marriage ceremony. The ceremony carried out without incident, until a human came from of the sky surrounded by light…

Now the Cat Country and Human Country will be forced to face one another after years of peace. What will Tama do?

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