Digital Foundry - The Witcher 3 Switch Patch 3.6

Taking an in-depth graphical look at the latest Witcher 3 update

CD Projekt RED and Saber Interactive deliver a comprehensive upgrade that transforms The Witcher 3 on Switch from a great port into a superb companion experience for the PC version - and there are a wealth of new options to explore. Tom has the complete breakdown.


Is it as simple as just leaving the settings all on for the best quality? I've always been awful at spotting the differences between side by sides.

psi wind
Wed Feb 19 20 05:13pm
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Honestly, even if Richard said otherwise, I would at least turn off AA. The game looks blurry as hell with it.

Turning off bloom gives a more vivid image. Granted you lose some atmosphere in some places, but I like the color palette a lot more.

The Devs have done a magnificent job with this port. It is proof positive that you can get any game to work if you scale back and put in the effort.


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