WayForward explains why Vitamin Connection was built with a focus on co-op

Always more fun with a buddy

Vitamin Connection can be played solo, but the experience is much more engaging and rewarding if you have a friend at your side. Why did WayFoward build a game centered on co-op? WayForward's James Montagna explains in an interview with NWR.

There’s a few things that inspired the co-op aspect of Vitamin Connection. For one, the Nintendo Switch itself was a huge factor since the ability to easily share Joy-Con between two players invites cooperative play without hassle. Another is, personally speaking, I’ve always been interested in games as a medium through which to bring people together. Vitamin Connection was made as an icebreaker to get people cooperating and talking, and when you play with a partner, I feel like it’s easy for you to build a connection with that person when working together. This is because, in different co-op games, players fall into their own individual version of the same role, and you try your best to contribute while playing together. But this is a bit different, since you are both coordinating in unique roles, and relying on each other. And as you rely on each other, that sense of trust and camaraderie builds. Finally, looking back on WayForward’s catalog of original properties, I felt cooperative play was an area we could bolster, especially since we do have experience in it. Establishing a new brand specifically predicated on that concept fit the bill nicely


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