Ultimate Chicken Horse "A-cobra-tic" free update coming March 12th, 2020

Cross-play is coming!

A major update is coming to Ultimate Chicken Horse on March 12th, 2020, and it includes a ton of new content. It even features cross-play with PS4. Check out the full rundown of features below.

Clever Endeavour Games is back at it again with a new FREE content update for Ultimate Chicken Horse, out on March 12th 2020! This update will be available simultaneously on all platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The A·cobra·tic Update introduces:

1 new character: Snake (on a skateboard!)

2 new levels: The Ballroom and Space

4 new blocks: flamethrower, one-way gate, cannon, and beehive

PS4 + Nintendo Switch cross-platform play

There’s also a handful of improvements, minor additions to the game, and plenty of bug fixes.

As with previous content updates, you will be able to unlock Space, The Ballroom, Snake, and Snake’s outfits by collecting unlock boxes on levels with a ? sign; and the new blocks will be available as soon as you download the update.

Check out the details below!

New character: Snake

The A·cobra·tic Update is named after the latest animal to join the party: Snake!

Snake usually zooms through levels on a skateboard, but you can also unlock the hoverboard outfit for a more futuristic mode of transportation. The other outfits are a scarf and a cap which displays a typically Canadian maple leaf at the front. For an even more drastic change of style, you can also find the Cobra reskin!

New levels

The Ballroom

The Ballroom features many chandeliers which serve as suspended platforms. The goal is suspended upside-down at the bottom of the level. The top three chandeliers are alternating start zones: players start in a different spot every round.


In the Space level, you find yourself in orbit, looking up at the underbelly of a UFO. It pulls you up stronger the closer you get to it, so be careful not to get abducted! Also watch out for the tennis ball asteroids that are scattered in your way: they are dangerous.

New Blocks


The first player who runs past this beehive will be chased by a swarm of bees. Don’t stop moving, and try to reach the goal before they get to you! Other players should also steer clear of the angered bees, or they could suffer collateral damage.


This little device produces a powerful intermittent flame. It’s a simple diagonal hazard that should not be underestimated.

One-way Gate

This gate will open for players or projectiles that come in from one side and let them through. Once they’re on the other side though, the gate remains closed and will let no one and nothing pass!


When players and projectiles enter the cannon, they get propelled out of it at great speed. This can help you travel far, but it could also send you straight into danger!

PS4 + Nintendo Switch cross-platform play

As you might have heard, Sony decided to allow more cross-platform play opportunities in the recent past. We jumped on the occasion to extend Ultimate Chicken Horse cross-play so that PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC users can all enjoy the game together.

Note: Sadly, there is still no cross-play for Xbox One. The reason is that Xbox has a set of requirements for enabling cross-platform play that we cannot meet with the server solution we use and the current networking architecture of the game.

Other Additions & Bug Fixes

Minor Features

New paintbrush sizes in Free Play Mode allow you to paint more or fewer things at once

A "Randomize" button on the modifiers page turns on a random number of modifiers at random settings for chaotic fun

Lobbies where the host is AFK for long enough will now be marked as AFK in the lobby list

A new button in the "My Levels" view in the underground computer allows to show or hide levels that aren't public

A Czech localization is now available

Bug fixes

Fixed characters' hitboxes stretching dramatically after being swallowed by a black hole.

Fixed inconsistent firing times on the hockey puck shooter when you pause the game.

Fixed the player profile dialogue sometimes persisting on the screen.

Fixed ghosts having an excessive number of corpses.

Fixed an issue where a local player might behave strangely in the treehouse when a remote player quits the game

Fixed being able to push around characters that are sitting on the couch.

Fixed corpses triggering blocks they're on every time the game is unpaused.

When playing in Free Play mode alone, clearing the level will now reset it, just like dying would.

All blocks now have their explosion animation when destroyed by a bomb.

Fixed block explosions not being aligned with flipped blocks.

Fixed ? boxes interacting with players after they opened

Made it easier to hold B to give up or retry while going through teleporters

Fixed honeyed tennis ball shooters not shooting in saved levels

Fixed ice / honey and barbed wire sometimes refusing to be placed next to each other

Fixed upblower wind particles appearing when the wind effect is interrupted by blocks overlapping with the upblower

Fixed upblower wind particles sometimes looking longer than the wind effect

Fixed arrows not exploding when hitting Ghosts with the Projectile Explosions Modifier

Fixed destruction animations for blocks that were missing them

Fixed crumbling blocks loading with incorrect damage level in multiple scenarios

Fixed players getting caught on the Iceberg ship walls

Fixed color distortion on the yellow recolor of Red Panda

Fixed player character names sometimes showing as "Press" in the Treehouse

Prevented unlock UI from getting mirrored along with the Flip Left/Right Modifier

Fixed page flip buttons from being reversed along with the Flip Left/Right Modifier

Fixed an issue where re-created lobbies wrongly carried on the Modifiers tag

Fixed the run timer not stopping between players in Shared Controller

(Origin) Fixed the Twitch Integration feature after it stopped recognizing valid channels

(Xbox One) Fixed an issue where failing to join a match from the lobby list would prevent clicking on anything afterwards

(Xbox One) Added a check to make sure that local players get removed properly from the Xbox Session, preventing cases where an online lobby would falsely claim to be full

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