WayForward on embracing the Switch's untapped potential with Vitamin Connection


While most Switch developers use one or two Switch-specific features in their games, WayForward chose to use them all with Vitamin Connection. In an interview with Siliconera, WayForward's James Montagna talked about tapping into those features and really exploring them.

Early on in a console’s life cycle, I think a lot of people are wanting to create something that will take full advantage of what the console has to offer without limitations, because it’s new and there’s a desire to embrace that newness. At this point, the Switch has been out for several years, but I think there is so much untapped potential in the format provided by the console with the two Joy-Con controllers and even features like HD Rumble, or for instance the IR motion camera, which we are one of the few games to take full advantage of as far as I know.

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Thu Feb 20 20 06:38pm
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I like his attitude. This game sounds intriguing!


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