The Legend of Zelda celebrates its 34th anniversary

One of the best series of all-time

The Legend of Zelda, believe it or not, launched for the Famicom 34 years ago today. It's crazy to think the series has been around for so long. It's even crazier when you realize that the most recently 'new' release, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has become the best-selling Zelda game of all-time. Looks like the series is only going to get bigger and better going forward!

Feel free to share some memories you have of the Zelda series in honor of the special occasion. Once I get a chance, I'll pop back in the comments and share my own!


I think BotW2 will release on Zelda's 35th annivesary.

I'm betting on the 4th anniversary of BOTW myself. But either date would be nice and fitting!

The series is as old as med. Only fitting its my favourite. The first one I played was A link to the past. I remember my mom buying it at a local store in my hometown in sweden for the equivalent of about 80$ back in the day. That was incredibly much for my mom. I actually can’t believe how she had money to give me and my brotjers so many games with her little pay.
Anyways the opening part of the game is forever ingrained in my memory since that day. The thunder and rain set such a powerful scene for the beginning of the game. And tje rest was as magical as the beginning. So many iconic moments in one game. Definately top 5 games ever.

Love these arts from the first game. Still would love to ser a remake of the first two games.


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