Wii-exclusive RPG "Earth Seeker" gets a full fan-translation

An RPG with a truly unique backstory

Earth Seeker hit the Wii all the way back in 2011 by Kadokawa Games, and unfortunately never saw a localization. While there was interest from companies like XSEED, plans never went through, and the game was left to languish in Japan. Now, all the way in 2020, the game is getting a second lease on life thanks to the fan translation efforts of Brand Newman and their team.

Earth Seeker, produced by Enterbrain and developed by Crafts & Meister, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humankind has created several thousand spaceship in order to escape impending doom from a black hole. Unfortunately, all life aboard the ships ends up getting wiped out, but the spaceship’s computer continues to search for an inhabitable planet. The ship eventually crash lands on a random planet, scattering Earth wreckage across the land. The ship's AI activates the Earth Reclamation Program, but due to a malfunction, the planet's inhabitants start to merge with the Earth wreckage into strand creatures/monsters.

Sounds like a pretty cool game, doesn't it? You can check out some of the English fan translation in the video below.

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Hell yeah! I bought that game brand new when it came out and never played it cause I couldn't understand a thing. I'm glad I did back then, now I get to play it legally, in English ^_^


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