Platinum's new Tokyo studio will be working on Project G.G.

Here we go!

Platinum revealed Project G.G. last night, but today we got the first teaser trailer, as well as an update on the official Platinum website. This title, directed by Hideki Kamiya, is the final entry in his superhero trilogy. The development is just starting out, but it's clear this game is be treated with special care.

In an interview with Famitsu, Kamiya reveals that Platinum is currently opening a new development studio in Tokyo. 15 people are working at the studio right now, but Kamiya says it'll be a 100-person studio. This studio will be working on Project G.G., as well as other titles.

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Platinum has a Tokyo studio now!? That's amazing, now if Monolithsoft doesn't accept me in three years I can have a plan B in Tokyo

This looks a lot like Ultraman I used to watch as a kid. Normal size hero that can get bigger and fights with Godzilla like creatures.

It pretty much is. Veiwtiful Joe was Kamen Rider, Wonderful 101 was Super Sentai, this finishes the Japanese hero Trilogy with Ultraman.

It's starting to sound more and more like the infusion of cash from tencent is giving Platinum delusions of grandeur. Two studios is a lot for a developer that puts out games that sell low enough that most publishers aren't interested.

That's like complaining that Monolithsoft is opening new studios because Xenosaga bombed. Astral Chain just sold a million units. They can make money now. Why in the world would you possibly not want them to grow? Most studios open multiple studios once they get stable enough cash flow.


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