Pokemon Sword & Shield - Mewtwo and the Kanto starters appearing in Max Raid Battles, until March 2

The following information comes from Serebii...

The Wild Area Event has shifted in conjunction with Pokémon Day. From now until March 2nd, across Pokémon's birthday, Mewtwo and the Kanto starters will be appearing in Max Raid Battles alongside Gigantamax Grimmsnarl, Kingler, Hatterene, Orbeetle and Toxtricity. Mewtwo cannot be captured but gives great rewards for beating

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Gah... this is turning into Pokemon Go. I really hate timed events in games, especially ones like Pokemon. It feels less like I'm exploring a game world and more like I'm playing a game and someone at a company somewhere far away is flipping switches to arbitrarily cause certain Pokemon to show up more often. It breaks my immersion.

Plus you can't catch Mewtwo? Come on, man.

I like the fact that the events get me to go back to play the game. It's better for me to have them focus on some Pokémon for raids at a time then for me to keep trying my luck to find the one I need.

Also, animals migrate in real life throughout the year, so it makes sense that different Pokémon would also be available at different times.

Not being able to catch Mewtwo is a tad disappointing, but since I've got like 10 of those stuck in a box, I think I prefer getting great rewards.

If there was any dialog or anything about how Pokemon are migrating, it would be a lot better for me. I like more reasons to go back to the game too but I hate having a deadline and feeling like I have to go do it, else I'll miss content.

At least with this event there isn't anything that you couldn't normally get. It just has great rewards.

I just made the connection to the real world, so the dialogue was inside my head, hehe.

I don't enjoy the time limit either, but they are likely to return after a while, so I don't worry too much about it.

Max raid battles are boring and tedious with any high level Pokemon spamming “mysterious barrier” constantly. Then when you do beat them and have a chance to catch, you get one shot, one Pokeball throw and if it breaks out that’s it.


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