Super Real Mahjong Love 2~7's retail release to have slightly less censorship than the eShop versions

Censored, but not as much

City Connection and ZeroDiv have detailed censorship changes for the packaged version of Super Real Mahjong Love 2~7. The retail version of these games will still be censored, but will have a thinner white light bar as compared to the eShop versions. You can see a comparison of the censorship in the image above.


Actually, the eShop version is the one less censored. It may look like there's more light, but you can see straight through it, unlike the retail version.

What are we censoring here? She has a shirt on.

Fri Feb 28 20 07:30pm
Rating: 1

You know, boobs (even only the silhouette) bad, violence good.

censorship continues to be bizarres.

Sat Feb 29 20 01:13am
Rating: 1

This is just so damn stupid.

Really? Censor flares on a clothed chest?

It's pathetic enough when it's censored period, but this is ridiculous. Let adults be adults ffs.

Reminds me of those videos on youtube with unnecessary censorship to make them seem dirtier than they actually are.


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