Playing Super Mario 64 with a uDraw tablet

Let's a draw

All the way back in 2010, THQ cooked up the uDraw Tablet, a special tablet controller for the Wii. You slotted in a Wii remote, and then used a sizable stylus to play games specifically built for the uDraw. The device only saw a handful of titles come out for it, but as you might expect, hackers/modders found plenty of ways to utilize the controller by games it was never meant to interface with.

One of those games is the N64 launch title, Super Mario 64. As you might guess, playing with this kind of controller presents all kinds of unique challenges in Super Mario 64, breathing new life into an old game. See just how much of a struggle it is to play the N64 classic with this unique controller in the video above!

Thanks to MysteryMan for the heads up!

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