Famitsu gives Animal Crossing: New Horizons a 38 out of 40

Reviewers seem quite pleased

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just 10 days way from launch, and we'll be seeing a flood of reviews for the game soon. It appears the first score has already come in though, and it's from Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu.

According to Famitsu, which has 4 different reviewers score the game on a 1-10 scale, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is worth a 38 out of 40. Two reviewers gave it a 9, and the other two gave it a 10, so it's pretty clear that the reviewers are pretty much on the same page here!

Hopefully we get a translation of the full review soon, so we can get a precise breakdown of what each reviewer had to say.


Ah yes, the "this is a very hyped game so we default to very high regardless of our actual opinion" score.

Tue Mar 10 20 07:25am
Rating: 2

Or perhaps it's an actual well polished, good game with a lot of attention and detail. And they weren't whining about the uncertainty of moving your save files because it's not their job.

Can go both ways Smile But Famitsu never struck me as that biased a team.

Oh honey. Famitsu's biased af. But my point was they do this thing where they give a major release 38/40 a lot: high enough to placate rabid fans, but not so high as to get their coveted perfect or near-perfect endorsement. Seriously, they've done it for years. I find it fascinating.

I'm sure New Horizons is a fantastic game though, that's not in dispute.

Tue Mar 10 20 08:18am
Rating: 1

I'm sure New Horizons is a fantastic game though

And mayhaps it deserves a 38/40 for all we know. We haven't even seen anything but the score itself. No reasoning... Perhaps you have a bias against Famitsu? Smile Just think we should wait for a bit more info before we pull the trigger here. As said before, I personally don't care too much for scores, but I know how important it is for the majority of gamers, so if a game I love gets good scores it makes me happy since it can mean more sales for the game.

Never played an AC game, but this one has gotten my attention for some reason. Very so.

That's what I'm saying, it could well deserve that score, but because of this trope they do there's always that question. Which, again, is why I find Famitsu's 38/40s so fascinating.

Also if you're interested in reading about Famitsu's conflicts of interest, start with looking up what happened with Metal Gear solid: Peace Walker. I'm honestly not trying to impeach their character here, I promise.

Well, you didn't exactly word it like " it could well deserve that score, but because of this trope they do there's always that question.", but rather that it was a given. Oh well, nevermind that. We cleared it up =)

So from reading a bit into MGS:PW' score it could seem like it was paid for... But would Ninteno pay for a good review of AC? Of course, I'll read up some more on all this. Thanks.

Sorry, to be fair I typed most of this half-asleep. lol

I mean other Nintendo games have gotten 38/40s, so maybe. If not paid, then perhaps pre-emptively decided? Who knows! The possibilities are endless! Viva la 38/40!

Hehe, no worries, Mocky. I sometimes type stuff even knowing I am too tired but still do. It often results in "WTF, man?".

Oh well. I'll keep an eye on the new AC game. Might even get it to see what all the AC talk really is about. Looks addicting though...

I can't find an exact quote on this but maybe one of you can recall hearing about this back in the day?

Hasn't Famitsu in the past said their reviewers don't score games based on their own opinion, but how they think the Japanese public will react to the game? I swear I recall reading that back in the day when they defended their reasoning for giving Nintendogs a perfect score of 40/40.

That's something I really want to look into after work. Thanks mentioning it =)

The original source is for New Leaf? It says 3DS on the famitsu site.


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