Nintendo teases upcoming LEGO collaboration

Many Nintendo fans have been hoping for years that Nintendo and LEGO would tie up one day. It appears that day is coming soon, as both Nintendo and LEGO have teased a collaboration on their respective Twitter accounts. Not much to go on here, but hopefully we get some new details soon!

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While I feel this is probably for a LEGO set/Toys it would be awesome if Nintendo and TT Games teamed up for a LEGO Mario game. Its not like they haven't done it before with Lego City Undercover.

Im just imagining a Mario LEGO game with an incredible roster of characters. If games like Lego Marvel Superheroes and Lego DC Supervillians are to go by we could have like 70+ playable Mario characters. Not to mention TT love to go deep in lore so we would probably get playable characters not just from main Mario games but spin-offs, Wario, DK, and Luigis Mansion as well.

I’d love to see a Lego Mario RPG or just a Toy Mario RPG as the continuation of Paper Mario. So many possibilities for the kinds of attacks you could pull off and how you could interact with the world with everything made of plastic and Lego blocks etc.

Tue Mar 10 20 11:25am
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And it'll be the generic lego based gameplay that you see in Star Wars Lego, Indiana Jones Lego etc etc etc...

But with an original story?


So I'll soon be hosting a garage sale of all my generic, $1200+ puchases of generic LEGO toys. I'll inform the adress soon.

It's a me time to renew my collection!

Is the feud finally over?!

As a kid I wanted Mario Legos so badly. Sure there was Mario K'nex but.... well, it's K'nex.

I think at this point I want Zelda Legos even more.

My wallet is ready.

I do love me some Lego and treat myself to a nice big set every Christmas.


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