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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX update on the way to fix a game-breaking glitch

Careful when exploring!
by rawmeatcowboy
11 March 2020
GN Version 5.0

A new update is on the way for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, and it includes a pretty important fix. While we don't have a release date for this update yet, we do know that it squashes a game-breaking glitch that pops up. Check out details on the update below.

Fixes a game breaking glitch that occurs in dungeons with a fixed party. It occurs when the protagonist and their partner are defeated in the dungeon, and you remove the third Pokémon from your team. To avoid the issue, simply refrain from removing that third party member. If you already have, and cannot play anymore as a result, the update will allow you to play