Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition gets a page on the EU/Aussie eShop

What a perfect thing to discuss during a Nintendo Direct...

Unless I'm mistaken, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition has had a page on the Switch eShop in North America for a few weeks now. Following in step with that, Nintendo has added a page for the game on both the European and Australia eShops as well. While it doesn't contain any new info, it is giving people hope that we'll learn some more details about the game soon.


I am hoping for a Diect, but after Lego Mario was revealed I am getting that feeling that we'll rather see news in smaller bits, not a Direct.

concidering noa employees work at home, i bet setting up for a direct might be harder right now, even if not that many people shows up in those videos.

Well it IS possible, but might be a bit harder to do. The news is the most important part, but hat would a Direct be without the Nintendo charm, eh?

Fri Mar 13 20 07:18pm
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Yeah, but it's been confirmed that LEGO Mario will not communicate with Switch or any Nintendo hardware. Therefore it's merchandise just like Levi's Super Mario, albeit something bigger and more innovative. I honestly don't remember Nintendo announcing merchandise at any Directs, just vídeo games.

To clarify: There was a rmour the Mario LEGO thing was supposed to be shown in a Direct. I forgot to mention that in this post ;)

I sure we'll get a Direct soon though.

Maybe there is going to be an Mario Lego videogame?

Things other than first party releases I wouldn't expect them outside Directs. Aside from Labo and Ring Fit. I think all first party games have been first revealed in a Direct presentation or the Game Awards. I think it's plausible to think that they'll announce one after Animal Crossing comes out next week.

It's plausible, yes, and the onøy big Ninty game for now is AC... But they might want to keep hyping (milking) that one for some time now.. Smaller doses of news seems possible too.

Fri Mar 13 20 10:15pm
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But then again this is about Xenoblade, which just happens to be one of the best RPGs I know of. After I saw the remake happening I have been unsure to wait for this one or just replay the original on Wii, but I'll have to wait and see what changes they made. Sure hope they do NOT turn down the difficulty. After a lot of work it was so satisfying to take down a boss...

Sat Mar 14 20 01:07am
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Well, from the looks of things there definitely will be changes... in particular, the Bionis Shoulder area appears to be playable now. If they do mess with difficulty hopefully it will be in the form of a difficulty slider, like the one in the Xenoblade 2 DLC. Personally I'm also hoping for a "default costume" option that makes it so changing armor doesn't change a character's clothing... or maybe something like in Xeno X where you can choose armor to function as the appearance...

Sat Mar 14 20 07:12am
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I thought the difficulty of Xeno 1 was kinda all over the place. Depending on the level gap between you and your opponent you would either win for sure, meet eye to eye, or get your ass whooped.
Fighting and winning against the level 100 superboss was very satisfying but the remaining four bosses were leveled so high that the requirements to beat them were plain annoying.

Yeah, so annoying that I gave up on the other superbosses except the level 100. I do enjoy superbosses but those 4....

For some reason I ever finished the game, but was pretty far in.. BUt I hear the final boss is a nightmare to take down.

Sun Mar 15 20 01:57pm
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You mean the story final boss? Not if your characters are at level 99... which is actually pretty easy to do.

The secret bosses though... even at max level they are a challenge...

I see. Just heard that people said the last boss was supposed to be a huge challenge. Could even take 50 mins to take down etc. But this takes me back to my dilemma: Should I finish the Wii version or wait for this? GAH! Smile

Sun Mar 15 20 06:02pm
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Yeah, my guys were all at max level... so it was pretty easy...

As for finish the Wii version or not... well, how far into the game are you?

Guess I'll have to level up a bit.

On the Mechonis now. Pretty much at the beginning of it if I remember correctly. It's been some time since I played it. Even wonder if I should restart it, but then there's the Switch version...

By "the Mechonis" do you mean Sword Valley, the severed hand island, or the actual interior of the Mechonis? Do you have the seventh and final character yet?

Sword valley, and I don't think I have the 7th character. Find that one on the MEchonis, eh?

Sun Mar 15 20 07:51pm
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Pretty much, yeah, right after Sword Valley... which means you still have a couple of major plot twists in front of you... if you hold off and wait you'll still have a lot of big things to look forward to, but you know, in HD.

I've heard about plot twists. Not like this game isn't filled with it from before. So I am not as far in as I thought, eh? Damn this game =D

I'll wait for a bit more info on this new version. If the changes aren't too huge I might go for the HD version indeed. THe game on Wii looks great so the Switch version will be eye candy for sure. I have a hue backlog also, so... It's just I really want to go back to this great world sooner than later.

Well, as I've mentioned above, the reveal trailer suggests the Bionis Shoulder area will be playable in this version... so it seems even people who played the previous versions will have something new to discover...

Sun Mar 15 20 10:10pm
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Added content, if good, is always welcome. As long as it keeps the feeling of the original game, this could be me playing it anew.

Sun Mar 15 20 11:23pm
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Well the Left Shoulder was actually a scrapped area found in the game's files, only accessible via hacking... that's how we know it's the shoulder area they were teasing in the original trailer. ...so not entirely new, but still new to players...

Damn that Direct is missed now. If not a Direct than just some news already. But thanks for all the heads up, JD. Appreciated =)


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