Animal Crossing: New Horizons seems to allow time traveling without penalty

Great Scott!

We all know that Mr. Resetti isn't handling his old job of yelling at players who decide to manipulate the Switch's internal clock when playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Has anyone else taken up his job? According to the video above, not only does no one else yell at you, it appears there's no penalty for time traveling at all! If you like jumping around the calendar in-game to grab items and attend date-related events, you're free to do so. All you have to deal with is the GUILT!


I really don’t understand playing the game in this way. There’s a thousand other games that give you instant gratification; Animal Crossing has (factually) never been about that. Messing with time (the proper centre of Animal Crossing) absolutely destroys the point of the game itself.

I’m not saying people can’t enjoy the game how they want. If you want to skip ahead and see all there is to offer in this new game then be my guest, you do you. You are definitely missing the point if you do though.

The holidays seem to be planned updates so why would anyone bother?

In fact why bother at all? Why do pepple want Christmas items so badly in spring? Like there's a reason people don't celebrate Christmas or Halloween or Thanksgiving in March and that's because people typically don't develop the holiday spirit till the holidays are approaching so the drive to skip ahead just to see the items feels like it's being driven to be the first to show others rather than being done specifically for the sake of wanting Christmas or Halloween or Thanksgiving items in spring.

WAT? I mean, after all the security measures they did to the save system to prevent cheating?

Ok, but holidays are all updates so good luck getting Toy Day and the like to trigger until Nintendo allows it


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