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Animal Crossing: New Horizons devs have seen the DOOM crossovers, and they're thrilled to see the fan creativity

Now let's get a crossover game!
by rawmeatcowboy
18 March 2020
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DOOM Eternal launches March 20th, 2020 on other platforms, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches March 20th, 2020 for Switch. As soon as fans realized the two games shared a release date, they got to work on mash-ups of Isabelle and the Doom Slayer hanging out. There's been quite an outpouring of fan-art on this topic, and yes, those images have made their way to Nintendo's dev team.

In an IGN interview with Animal Crossing: New Horizons' director, Aya Kyogoku, and producer, Hisashi Nogami, we come to find out that the crossover art isn't just appreciated, but applauded.

"I definitely do notice and have noticed that there’s a lot of Doom and Animal Crossing collaboration art and illustrations that are being posted, and as I look through them I’m in awe of how much creativity our fans have. I think because there is a common denominator of this type of communication happening between Doom and Animal Crossing fans, and also the fact that Animal Crossing is a communication game, we’re very thankful and very thrilled to see all this. We’re so excited at the same time to see how the two [fandoms] are coming together to celebrate this day." - Kyogoku

"So Animal Crossing and Doom — obviously the game genres are completely different. We definitely do have something in common, and that is that they’re both video games, and come from that same subculture so to speak. It’s so great to see that these two different [fandoms] are coming together and hyping up the gaming [community] and gaming culture itself. It really is a great thing to see." - Nogami