Nintendo partners up Brie Larson to advertise for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Well that's just marvelous

Brie Larson has revealed herself as a Nintendo fan numerous times over the years. She's cosplayed as Samus and wanted to play the role in a movie, she talked about her passion for Nintendo in general, shared excitement about Luigi's Mansion 3, and most recently, shared her over-the-top excitement for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It seems Nintendo has finally caught on to how big of a fan Brie is, as now they're officially partnered up on a campaign.

Brie shared the picture above on her official Instagram, and it's labeled as a paid partnership with Nintendo. We don't know how many other tie-ins we'll see from Brie and Nintendo, but hopefully this is just the beginning. It's always nice to see Nintendo working with celebrities who are honest-to-goodness fans of what they do.

Brie also shared another promotion for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on her Instagram story, which you can see above.

Thanks to JTS for the heads up!

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She would make a great Samus!

She would make a great Samus!

Fri Mar 20 20 02:40pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

No, she wouldn't..

I find her snobby and narcissistic.

She has the looks and she's talented. How she is before and after the cameras are rolling doesn't impact that.

Also, finding an actor that is not snobbish and narcissistic is basically impossible. Unless you'd want Henry Cavill to play Samus.

I’m in for Henry to play Seamus Aran!!

I wish I had the photoshop skills to make a mock-up, hehe

I haven't most described Samus coming as mysterious and emotionless?

I also wonder just how much the hate with Captain Marvel is warranted, I really don't have frame of reference outside of that episode of the X-Men were Rogue took her powers.

If you really, really want to understand how bad that movie is, watch Mauler's review on YT, it's as long as the film but there is just that much wrong with it, in all areas from characterization, direction, scripting, editing, you name it.

I mean I wouldn't even know, I didn't watch it. But I blame more the negativity taking any enthusiasm for it rather than what I saw from the trailers.

I'll just assume it is a underwhelming but innofensive movie people just blew out of proportion.

Sorry, but I strongly disagree, Captain Marvel its not an great movie but it's also not a terrible one, it's on the same level as most Marvel movies.

I half agree. She does come off as those things but I don’t think that means she’d be a bad Samus. I don’t even know if she’s really that bad of a person. I’d hate to be judged only by the most obnoxious things I’ve said. Celebrities need to watch what they say though... stars can fall as quickly as they rise.

Fri Mar 20 20 04:43pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 3 times)

She has the acting range of a plank of wood and she's full of herself to the point of being damaging as a role model for women, I can't think of any actress less deserving to play Samus.

You must have an amazing plank of wood as reference. I don't know many of those with 174 award nominations, 114 wins, including an Oscar for best actress.

Is this the plank you're talking about? He's pretty great, I must admit

Sun Mar 22 20 05:11am
(Updated 2 times)

Because the Oscars are really a genuine barometer of talent and not a total pretentious, insider circle jerk or anything. C'mon man, that argument is about as solid as saying the terrible, corporate dreck that makes up 99% of pop radio today is actually good music because it got on an Aria award list.

Brie Larson has had some good direction in the past, but is overall a flat actor and an awful person.

Alright, dude. Take it easy. Did she kick your dog or something?
I have seen a few of her movies and I believe she is a good actress. Also, even if you don't count the Oscar she won, there were another 113 awards. That's a lot of circles she manage to mingle in. At least that should be impressive to you.
You don't believe that she is a great actress? Fine. You have the right to your opinion.
Now please move along to the next person you want to drown with your thoughts.

Fri Mar 20 20 03:51pm
Rating: 1

Seems Like a win win partnership to me.

Dear lord she has some long fingers. Guess you need that to pll that trigger when you kill Metroids, eh?


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