Lonely Mountains: Downhill devs on capturing the feel of riding a bike

No helmet necessary

You'll spend all of your time in Lonely Mountains: Downhill on your bike, but the game isn't meant to be a simulation or serious affair. What the game does want to nail is the feeling of riding a bike. In an interview with Gamasutra, developer Jan Bubenik explained how that came to be.

Although we didn’t want to create a complex simulation, capturing the actual feeling of riding a bike was very important. That’s the reason why the first year of development were mainly focused on iterating on the bike physics and controls, as they go hand in hand to create the core experience. Riding a bike in real life (once you learned it) is simple, and that was our goal for the game.

Besides that, the animations, subtle particle effects, and the audio design played a huge role for the game feel. There is a dynamic system which factors in different attributes like speed, sliding, braking, ground type, wind etc. to create the actual bike sounds. We have to thank Lukas and Alex from Syndrone for putting so much time into it.


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