Monolith Soft grows to 243 employees, its highest amount ever

Things are going better than ever

Back in 2011, Monolith Soft had roughly 70 employees. This was when the developer opened a second studio in Kyoto to be closer to Nintendo. Monolith Soft would help work on some of Nintendo's biggest titles at the time, including The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This was the year that things would really pick up for Monolith Soft.

Monolith Soft has grown in total employees every single year since 2011. That brings us to where they are in 2020, sitting at 243 employees in total. This is the biggest amount of employees the company has had working under their roof ever. Some of them surely worked hard on Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, and other unnamed projects. Hopefully we get a peek at those titles soon!

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We're about 2 1/2 years out from the (sort of) reveal of their new IP, just saying.

Success of Breath of the Wild may have changed that game's course dramatically.

Sat Mar 21 20 07:55pm
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Maybe, though it's worth noting that those 3 pieces of artwork are still up on their site where they're posting jobs.

Something that's stuck in my mind is that from what we know of Astral Chain's development, Nintendo's not really in the mood for any new medieval fantasy-type IPs. Maybe it will get folded into the Zelda series, which I'm surprised doesn't have an RPG spinoff already.

Maybe they should handle the graphics for future Fire Emblem games from this point on. Don't get me wrong, Intelligent Systems does great job than what Game Freak does for 3D graphics...its just that..well...its still not amazing and all.

I think Koei Tecmo did all the heavy lifting with the asset work in Three Houses, so yeah, that might explain that.

My point is that Monolith should handle 3D graphics for Fire Emblem if possible.

I'd rather Monolith not just become some asset farm, leave that grunt work to studios like Bandai Namco.

And I suppose their contribution to BOTW didn't help the game to look better?

Also keep in mind Nintendo will make sure that Monolith Soft like...gets the freedom they need. This is on IS side that if at all they can't find the team to pull FE to the next level graphics, they can side with Monolith.

It's not about "freedom" it's about creative control. Monolith had actual input into BotW's design, they didn't just produce models (if they did that at all). Making them into Intelligent System's code monkeys would be a massive step down for them.


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