Sakurai says there's "no guarantee" he'll keep making games after Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC is done, has nothing lined up

Say it ain't so, Sakurai!

Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC work is going to continue for quite some time, especially when you factor in potential delays due to the coronavirus. There's no doubt a year's worth of work ahead of Masahiro Sakurai and the team, if not more. What happens when all that DLC is taken care of, though? What does Sakurai have lined up after Smash Bros. Ultimate comes to a close? According to Sakurai himself, he's free and clear!

"That's how I approach game development whenever I start a new project. Though, honestly, there's no guarantee I'll keep making games after this. Right now, all I'm thinking about is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC development. Once that's done, I actually have absolutely nothing lined up."

Let's hope that Sakurai does decide to move onto other game ideas outside of Smash Bros.. It would be great to see what else he could come up with. Besides that though, let's hope he takes a good, long time to rest!


In my eyes, this statement makes it easy to assume that he wants to quit making Smash Bros.
I mean, he even doesn't rule out to quit making games. That really is something.

I wonder if casual statements like these have any impact on the stakeholders' outlook.

i guess that since the Super Smash Bros is one of Nintendo most profitable franchises, this statement Sakurai has just made will make an impact in Nintendo Shares.

Sun Mar 22 20 03:21pm
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I'm pretty sure they'll all be too giddy about Animal Crossing's launch to care about this.
Also, it's not like Sakurai hasn't been singing this tune for years now.

For what stakeholders? Sora consists of Sakurai and his wife. I can't imagine stakeholders care who develops Smash for Nintendo.

Personally I’d like to see someone new take the helm and “reboot” Smash Next.

Me too. I don't want to be dismissive of what Sakurai has accomplished, but the series needs a rethink, not a fresh coat of paint. Ultimate seems to have explored the furthest extents of its design, anyway.

Oh yeah I’m not dismissing Sakurai either. He’s done an absolute fantastic job. I just fear Smash will get stale and “samey” like Zelda did and like Pokemon is.

A fresh lead will stop that from happening.

I just don't see what other direction they can take for a game series like this. But I do like surprises.

Sun Mar 22 20 07:10pm
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There's definitely ways they could spice up the formula... for example, just look at some of the unique skills displayed by characters like Little Mac or Ryu... now imagine if these ideas were applied to other characters...

Want to make it a pure figting game in other words?

Well no... but what works for one character can work for others, right?

Most fightets are already unique. But making them all have their own special moves like a street fighter game could kinda ruin it. I don't know. I like the idea though if they can do it good.

He says this every time. He''s always approached his games as "the last project". He doesn't like planning things out. Nintendo always manages to get him back by convincing him... Usually through Iwata... But now there's no Iwata to convince him Sad

Good. Brawlhalla's director whoever he is should be a suitable replacement.

Imagine Sakurai working together with Platinum games on a project, that could lead to something very unique and interesting!

He said this the last two games. Hes not going to quit, but he needs to take a step back and stop working 90 hours a week. They should bring in new people and have him supervise. Hes getting to old for this shit.

He should try to do something simple like a Meteos sequel or a remake of Kirby Air Ride.

All in all, something light after climbing that was Smash Bros. Ultimate.

A Switch Meteos would be wonderful. Can't say it's super possible but it sure would make my day.

I think Ultimate is a great point for him to jump off of the series. It has lived up to its name, and they are running out of new iconic characters to include (especially with 6 more incoming first). Surely somebody else who has worked closely under him is ready to take over as director, and this would free Sakurai to do something new.


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