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Reggie is working on a book, why Super Mario Maker exists, shares his favorite E3 moments, and more

All sorts of insight from the big guy
by rawmeatcowboy
23 March 2020
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Reggie was part of a presentation at Cornell University last month, which included a lengthy Q&A portion. While we've featured some details from that event, even more of Reggie's answers have surfaced. Check out a recap of the Q&A session below.

- Iwata’s passing made Reggie realize how painfully short life is, and he thinks you should live your life to the fullest every day
- Reggie saw that GameCube was not working out too well, which is what made him join Nintend
- Reggie thinks it was in 2000 when Nintendo decided not to focus on graphics
- Reggie believes Animal Crossing can help kids learn about mortgages
- Reggie believes game updates are a great way to keep people hooked on a game longer
- Reggie is working on a new book that is in the proposal phase, as his first proposal was rejected
- the book focuses on his principles and part of his life
- Reggie understands that video game delays are sometimes necessary, as Shigeru Miyamoto has already shared.
- Reggie says that during the Wii U era, he and other execs took pay cuts to avoid massive layoffs
- Reggie and Iwata got along very well because they were promoted in the company at the same time
- Reggie says Iwata was the mastermind behind Wii’s success.
- Reggie says he loves E3
- His favorite E3 moments include "kicking butt and taking names" the presentation of DS, and the presentation of the Wii
- Reggie loves the memes that make of him
- Reggie thinks that a great story is not necessary to have a great game
- Reggie says the Zelda series does not have a very complex story.
- Super Mario World is his favorite Mario game, which is followed by Super Mario Odyssey.
- Reggie says Nintendo of America has grown enough that Doug Bowser could take the reins
- hacks and ROMs are not the main reason for the existence of Super Mario Maker, but the team was aware of them
- Nintendo is “aggressively protective” of their IPs.
- Reggie says Japanese and Western culture in Nintendo fit together very well and that their IPs have multimedia potentia
- Reggie cites The Witcher as a good example of how an IP can cross many different types of medi
- the first Super Mario Bros. movie is an example of how things can go very wrong
- Reggie is very bad at playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
- Reggie usually plays with is Zelda because she floats and recovers easily
- Reggie finds it difficult to follow where the player is, and often finds himself falling into pits

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