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Switch reseller prices in the states continue to soar following low-to-no stock at traditional retailers

by rawmeatcowboy
24 March 2020
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Nintendo has been dealing with low stock on the Switch for a few weeks now, and it all stems from the coronavirus. The impact of the pandemic has hit Nintendo hard in the manufacturing process, and they simply don't have the facilities to create enough units to go around. The regular Switch has become near impossible to find in various countries, and that includes the U.S..

Unfortunately, even in the face of a pandemic, resellers are more than willing to take advantage of the situation. Third party sellers on Amazon are asking for up to $550 for a regular Switch, and eBay sellers aren't far behind at $450+. Even the Switch Lite is seeing a boost in price from resellers, floating around the $300 mark. Please note that multiple retailers still have some Switch Lite stock to go around.

Nintendo hasn't given word on when to expect more shipments of the Switch, so these prices are just going to keep climbing. Hopefully Nintendo can remedy the situation soon, but obviously there are more important things to worry about before that can happen.