RUMOR: Cloud version of Resident Evil 3 for Switch being explored

Not the version fans were hoping for

Earlier in the week, some information popped up that gave Switch owners hope that Resident Evil 3 was heading to Switch. Data was found within Resident Evil 3's source code that mentioned Switch specifically, which certainly could be seen as an indicator of a Switch version in the works. Now we're hearing a bit more info, and it's not likely to make fans happy.

According to Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, Capcom is currently looking into a cloud version of Resident Evil 3. Capcom offered a cloud version of Resident Evil 7 for Switch, which only saw release in Japan. No word on if that'll be the case for Resident Evil 3 as well, but we do know that Capcom has no plans for a native port of the game.


Wed Mar 25 20 07:42am
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Not the one we were hoping for but the obvious one.

If it runs stable and it's priced low I'll play it this way. My SD Cards are full, my house is full of unopened physical games and it would be nice to just stream it rather then pine for a legitimate version.

Did anyone seriously think the game could run at the standard framerate on Switch in this form? There's no way in hell they'd native port this without making it a butchered mess like Doom/Wolf II, so this is really the only safe option they have. Unfortunately, it's only limited to Japan if this happens, so honestly I'd rather they just port the original versions, using the GC/PS1 versions as a base. They're still pretty solid games too.


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