Nintendo says Dr. Kawashima's polygonal face was inspired by StarFox's Andross

Uncle Kawashima, I've failed you!

Ever since Dr. Kawashima first appeared in the Brain Age series, he's sported a very polygonal face. It's a look that Nintendo has stuck with for every iteration of the character, and now we know where it comes from. In an interview with Nintendo and Dr. Kawashima himself, Nintendo developer and producer Kouichi Kawamoto reveals that none other than Andross from StarFox was the team's inspiration. Check out the details below, as translated by Oni Dino.

In our initial proposal, we planned to use Dr. Kawashima’s actual likeness, but it felt really strange having his actual face appear in the DS game. So afterward, we put together another idea that had Dr. Kawashima illustrated as a character with a graduation cap on, but our department head at the time, Takahashi, saw it and said, “Nah, this is no good.” He gave us a few suggestions and from there we imagined the final boss from “Star Fox”, and that’s how we decided on this rough, polygonal look.

...but we of course had to make some changes to make him more of an amusing character. Takahashi and the head designer put a lot of love into it, but I was still worried if Dr. Kawashima would give us his approval on the design. Many university professors are quite serious, right? I remember being on my way to the university to talk with him, figuring he was going to hate it.


Imagine the potential of a Star Fox Switch game Nintendo. Sure it can't sell as well as even Metroid...but for some reason, Star Fox can work on Switch.

Sun Mar 29 20 12:47am
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Sign me in. Love Star Fox. I'm in for a Star Fox Zero remake/port or a brand new Star Fox classic-style

The problem with Star Fox is it's part of a dying genre where games can be completed in about 3 hours... you can't spend tons of money on that... if they want to stick to the classic formula, future entries of the franchise need to be designed as budget titles...

Screw niche genres excuse crap. If Fire Emblem, a series that used to be on life support for like years until now can end up being popular, then so can Star Fox.

And besides, Nintendo released Star Fox 2 on Switch so technically, they do value the ip. Even Shigeru Miyamoto himself admits he wants the brand to continue.

I agree that 60$ for a starfox game might seem too much. But given they price games like captain toad 40$, Star fox can easily fit that price tag.

Screw niche genres excuse crap. If Fire Emblem, a series that used to be on life support for like years until now can end up being popular, then so can Star Fox.

Pretty sure that's not how the world works... in any case, the main point remains: if they're going to continue the Star Fox series, they're gonna have to be smarter about it...

If you ask me, anything can work if the effort is put into it. If Fire Emblem Awakening did not have a boost in marketing, it would not have sold as well as it did now. Same for Star Fox .

Sun Mar 29 20 12:46am
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I had noticed that, and it's cool to have an official confirmation.

Sun Mar 29 20 09:04am
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StarFox can work on the Switch, if they use Starlink as a base to move forward. They can keep classic elements while greatly expanding the playtime. Instead of a game of 1 to 2h, you can play it for 10 to 15 and also have a replay factor.

Exactly. It can still be exploration based with missions scattered throughout a la the original format style. Could def be done. Hell, I’d be down to even see a *few* elements from Star Fox Adventures return again, but done better.

Where is Brain Age for Switch in the USA?


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