GameStop was accidentally selling Animal Crossing: New Horizons and other first-party Switch titles for 50% off


GameStop's website had a major hiccup earlier today, and it lead to some insane deals on first party Switch games.

We're not quite sure what the cause was, but GameStop's website was selling major first party Switch games for 50% off. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was included in the mix, as were Luigi's Mansion 3, Smash Bros. Ultimate, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and many others. This was obviously a mistake that GameStop scrambled to fix.

The first attempt at a fix ended up bringing GameStop's site offline. Even worse, when the site came back, the deals were still being offered! The site went down a second time, and when it came back everything was set straight again.

Now the real question is, will GameStop honor those 50% off sales? Those who managed to snag the insane offer are keeping a close watch on their inbox to find out.

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As far as my switch lite, they honored it. On my way to pick it up.

Whatd the Lite sell for?

How come I only find out about these things long after it's over? Sad

At least here in the US, they're required to honor the displayed price, even if it's accidental. (See, for example, the incident at Silo Electronics in the mid-80s in which they sold a stereo for "299 bananas.")

From what I hear, there are some countries, mostly in Europe, where the seller is allowed to sell it at an intended price if a mistake causes the price to drop.

Here in the Netherlands the retailer is required to honor the incorrect price, except when it's clearly a fault.

So a Switch selling for € 3,29 would still be corrected to € 329 but if they'd put up a sign Nintendo Switch € 250 they'd have to honor that. Even if it's a mistake.

I see. There may be a similar law in the US, but it's hard to tell sometimes if it's an accident because some businesses do some BIZARRE sales. Office supply store Quill, for instance, had a sale last month in which a box of 5000 sheets of paper was 1 cent, for instance (though it was limit 1 per customer). Yesterday, the price of crude oil in Wyoming had gone negative, meaning people could get oil from oil companies in Wyoming, who would then also give them money.

For the record, that incident about the 299 bananas was due to an advertisement on TV in which Silo said they'd "give you a stereo for 299 bananas." At the time, "banana" was one of many slang terms for a dollar. Some people visited Silo with 299 bananas, which Silo couldn't turn down because they said they'd give someone a stereo if they gave Silo that many bananas. At that time, 299 bananas were about $60, so those people nabbed a stereo for one-fifth its intended price. (Silo donated the tens of thousands of bananas to zoos and animal sanctuaries.)

That being said, a business can simply pubicly announce that a particular price is invalid, and they no longer have to accept that price. If they do it right after the first customer tries it, the second customer can't.


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