GoNintendo Thought: Super Mario 3D World deserves a second shot at success on Switch

A Wii U port that's long overdue

Feels like it's going to be a Mario sort of week, doesn't it? We'll see how things go, but for today's Thought, let's talk about everyone's favorite mustached plumber! As always, thanks for reading.


The rumors about Mario's 35th anniversary are running wild today. Multiple sources are claiming that a bunch of Mario titles are going to see re-releases and remasters for the big event. Included in the mix will supposedly be Super Mario 3D World, one of the few big-name Wii U games that hasn't made the jump to Switch. If the rumor does turn out to be true, I say it's about damn time!

Super Mario 3D World is a continuation from Super Mario 3D Land, both of which aimed to be the long-lost crossover title between Mario's classic 2D adventures and his journey into 3D with Super Mario 64. The jump back in the day from 2D to 3D was absolutely astonishing, but it also asked a lot more of the player. Those who didn't game often but were familiar with Mario had quite a hard time playing Super Mario 64, so much so that it pushed some players away. Nintendo has long wanted to create a title that married both Mario play-styles, which brings us back to Super Mario 3D Land/World.

The big difference with Super Mario 3D World over Land is both in terms of the adventure's scale, and the ability to have four players in on the fun. There's a ton to see in do in Super Mario 3D World, and having friends along for the fun only makes it better. Don't get me wrong; Super Mario 3D Land is an amazing game in its own right, and really knocked it out of the park for the 3DS. That said, Super Mario 3D World really ups the experience in every way.

Super Mario 3D Land was the first step to bridging the 2D and 3D Mario gameplay styles, but Super Mario 3D World showed off that approach on the big screen. It lets 4 players run around in 3D environments and asks them to travel in and out of the play field, rather than just side-to-side. With that said, the controls are kept much simpler, and camera work isn't a thing players have to worry about. It truly feels like a gameplay solution to ease old-school fans into Mario's bigger and more expansive 3D adventures.

I can see why Super Mario 3D World hasn't made its way to Switch yet, even if I'm saddened that it hasn't. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe brings over 2D Mario action from the Wii U because Mario didn't have any other 2D titles on the Switch at that time. Super Mario 3D World was most likely held back due to Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Odyssey was meant to be one of the flagship games on the Switch, and they wouldn't want to muddy the waters with another 3D Mario title, even if the two play quite differently.

Now that Super Mario Odyssey has had ample time on the market to itself, and Mario's 35th anniversary is gearing up, it does seem like the right time to give the game another chance at bigger success. Super Mario 3D World was no slouch in the sales department on Wii U, especially when considering the platform's install base, but there's no doubt it could find a much larger audience on Switch. Nintendo could very well leave the game in the past and forge ahead, but hopefully today's rumors show that won't be the case.

In all honesty, I think Super Mario 3D World deserves another chance based on its content alone. Nintendo's design philosophy of merging classic and modern Mario provided a game that felt familiar, yet different. A bit of both approaches made for something new and interesting. A bit more exploration than you'd expect from a 2D Mario, and a lot less complex in terms of controls than a 3D Mario. Working within restrictions is always a strong point for Nintendo, and they managed to come up with tons of unique settings, level layouts, and power-ups to give Super Mario 3D World its own flavor and style.

The one thing that truly screams out at me with Super Mario 3D World is fun. All mainline Mario games are oodles of fun, but Super Mario 3D World really drives that point home. The environments are absolutely bursting with color, the obstacles are simple yet engaging, the characters give you different ways to play, and the later stages show off a wonderful amalgamation of all ideas that came before them. It's really hard to not have a smile on your face when playing Super Mario 3D World, as the game is just so damn joyful from start to finish.

That's not to mention the game's soundtrack, which is absolutely stellar. It's definitely a more old-school approach to Mario music, with a focus on tunes that are quick, punchy, and memorable. There's a few real instruments thrown throughout, but you don't get the grand, sweeping, orchestral soundtracks that Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 gave you. It's also a different type of soundtrack from Super Mario Odyssey, which had a huge variety and grandiose approach. It's a more humble style of soundtrack, but it totally jives with Super Mario 3D World. To be completely honest, I enjoy Super Mario 3D World's soundtrack to Odyssey's by a large margin!

I've caught flak for saying I find the soundtrack in 3D World to be better than Odyssey, but obviously there's no wrong answer there. The same goes for the overall enjoyment I get from both games. I really do adore Odyssey, and had a lot of trouble putting it down. That said, for me, I actually prefer Super Mario 3D World. I think it has something to do with my predilection to quick level-based challenges rather than big, sprawling environments. I loved exploring all the locations of Odyssey, but I personally had more fun bouncing from level to level in Super Mario 3D World. I actually prefer the Super Mario Galaxy approach to both, but again, it's all just a matter of personal taste. I'm not saying I'm right/wrong, but I'm being honest about what I derive the most enjoyment from.

Regardless of what 3D Mario game you think is better, I think we can all agree that Super Mario 3D World would be more than welcome on Switch. So, so many Mario fans missed out on the game because they didn't have a Wii U, and that's a damn shame. With the Switch being so well suited to multiplayer and 3D World's more 2D-like approach to level design, it's practically begging to find its way to Nintendo's latest hardware. I'm crossing all fingers and toes that Nintendo feels the same way. I have a sneaking suspicion they do, and hopefully we all find out soon!


I'm in complete agreement. 3D World is an absolute treasure and deserves to be played by more then us lucky Wii U owners. It had incredible level design, a simple but thoughtful story and Mario turned into a cat. The Switch needs this game, people need this game right now.

Or how bout a new entry? If we're talking ports than there a few games that deserve more of a second shot than a game that probably sold over 5m copies if not 10m... like Pikmin 3, Fatal Frame, Star Fox Zero or Devils Third or even an exclusive that did see release outside of Wii U, but might find an audience on Switch Zombi.

I really enjoyed Mario 3D World, but the beginning of the game is kind boring to play alone if you're used to play Mario games. But the later stages are wonderful, but it's a shame that I never managed to play with four people, looks really fun in that setting.

I think this is still a fun multiplayer game and introduced fun puzzle stages with Captain Toad levels (I love Treasure Tracker immensely, especially the co-op update), but good god, this still has such a negative stigma for me. Imagine being super hyped for a 3D mario game only to get a fake one that isn't even a real 3D Mario title at all!

It's literally NSMB's concepts but in a 3D space and honest to god I was surprised this game turned out as polished and fun as it was, since I absolutely hated 3D land to due everything about it being generic or bad. Awful music, awful powerup selection, awful bosses (I never hated Boom Boom more in my entire life until after this game) awful story/premise, awful cutscenes, boring level designs, boring post-game content, 3D Land was everything I hated about Mario games back then so I wasn't really excited for this game when it was announced, though i ended up playing a demo at best buy and had lots of fun since I found it fun with friends, which NSMB can't really say.

So it's pretty shocking that despite being based on a poor game rushed out to save the 3DS, 3D World pretty much fixes anything I hated about 3D Land. Better worlds, better levels, better music, better bosses, better post-game content by FAR, better characters, better everything! It definitely deserves a second chance on switch and me and my friend will gladly play through the entire game to 100% completion when it does come out. But it's still shocking to me that we got that on Wii U... And no 3D mario game. They took the easiest way out imaginable, made the safest game imaginable, somehow made it ultra excellent, and got away with it. If it were me, NSMBU would be dead, 3D World would have been the launch game to blow everyone away, and then Odyssey would have been a Wii U game in 2015 to give the system the 3D Mario game it lacked.

Thankfully, on Switch all fields of mario are covered. 2D, 3D, Spinoff, Sports, and soon to be 2.5D (or I guess, "NSMB 3D" even though this game trounces every NSMB game out of the water save for maybe Luigi U, which I really enjoyed to the point I 100%ed it on Switch despite not even wanting to at first! I'm surprised they pulled their A game on that one too). So yeah, bring on a 3D World Deluxe, or even a sequel! It's not going to look bad or make people unhappy since it won't seem like a poor replacement for something like the original game was.

3D world is a given to what game should be upgraded to Switch (downgraded in some ways because lack of gamepad?), but Mario Sunshine is the other gem that needs to get into more hands/flippers/tentacles etc. The GC might be considered a classic console, but it also sole pretty bad (sadly). That game was so much fun!

Also, IF this is all true then I hope the Glaxy games keep te motion controllers.

There weren't too many games I enjoyed on Wii U but SM3DW was one of them. I'm not sure I'd pick it up again so soon but I'd certainly be tempted.

I'm one of those that did not get the chance of playing Super Mario 3D World. So if this does come to Switch, I'd be super happy for that reason alone.

I mean we already have the best of both worlds on the switch with NSMBU, the one NSMB game that is as good as the classics, and Odyssey which is the most 3D Mario game you can ask for. I'm not convinced we need the cross-over between these two. I loved SM3DW but I thought it was great on the U where it was needed. On the switch though, between the two classics I mentionned and SMM2, I think we have enough Mario for now.

Now if it comes as being part of a birthday collection, then it's very different and I say why not, but not as a seperate remake, thanks.

I think the 35th anniversary will consist of a collection of older 3D Mario games but not the 3DL/3DW games. They're too recent, and I think they would be more tempted to make a seperate release because of that, and as I've said I don't think that would be a good idea since the space that can be allowed to Mario games is pretty crowded already on the switch. Also there is a possibility that 3DW is simply too big to fit in a cartridge on top of the rest of a supposed collection.

So yeah, SM3D All Stars and there will also be Odyssey 2 I'm 100% convinced. But that's it.

SM3DW is surprisingly small at around 1.6 GB (less than NSMBU even) with the biggest being Mario Galaxy at 3.7 GB (those few pre-rendered cutscenes at 60fps ate a sizable chunk of space). Without touching up the games in any way, M64 (8 MB), Sunshine (1.35 GB; majority eaten up by pre-rendered cutscenes with visible artifacts), both Galaxy games (2 also clocked in around 1.6 GB), and SM3DW altogether would be a smidgen above an 8 GB card. But maybe if they'd re-render the cutscenes using modern tech, it'd have no problems fitting.

Thanks for the info. It's insane how small that 3DW game is. So even if we add in 3DL the entire 3D Mario collection could easily fit on a, let's say 16G cart with added bonuses and a couple reworked features.

Still it's not really Ninty's style to make a collection of 3 billion different games and it's safe to assume they would not put everything in a SMAS2 as some have started to call it. 3DW remains a potential port in its own right and what better bonus to add in a port than 3DL? I think it's safe to assume they would not be willing to waste the potential extra sales of a separate port.

And anyway, 64, Sunshine, Galaxy1 and 2 would still totally be up there with the best deals ever, the Orange Box and MP trilogy, that kind of awesome.

When I move into my new place I’m hooking up my Wii U to play some of the great games that live on that system. Super Mario 3D World will be one.

The Wii U game i'm really missing on the Switch is Devil's Third.


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