RUMOR: One of Nintendo's development servers may have been hacked

Let's hope this is a cruel joke

Right off the bat, I want to stress that we are unsure if this information is legitimate. Any rumor should always be taken with a grain of salt, but when a story like this pops up around April Fools' Day, it makes you wonder even more. As long as you have those thoughts in mind, let's continue on to the story itself.

Word is going around that Nintendo may have suffered a virtual intrusion. Apparently someone has been able to hack their way into one of Nintendo's development servers, and they've gained access to a few tidbits of data in the last few days. This would not be the first time something like this has happened, as another hacker gained access to Nintendo's development side of things back in 2016.

We will not be reporting on the content sourced from the hack, as that just wouldn't seem right. I also want to point out that all the Mario-related discussion and rumors that have been shared recently do not stem from this hack. This is a separate instance that has given new information. It's very likely some of it you've seen/heard about already, and some you have not.

We've reached out to Nintendo on the matter, and we'll report back if they provide a statement. We did not ask about the validity of the content pulled from the server, but instead, the hack itself. Hopefully the story is completely made up.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up.

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Man some people just really suck.

About two weeks ago there were a few twitter users noting that their nintendo accounts had their info hacked so their credit cards saved on the account were used for fortnite purchases. I wonder if it's related.

Do you know who the users were?

I can't keep track of everyone who got hacked, but I saw quite a bit of it. I was gonna share the tweet thread that alerted me, but it seems it's still happening: https://twitter.com/search?q=Nintendo%20Account%20Hacked&src=typed_query

Wed Apr 01 20 01:26am
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It wouldn't surprise me if it was a loophole through the Epic account. I know I tried Fortnite when it first hit Switch and as soon as I created an Epic account, within a day it had been illegally accessed and needed to be secured again. It happened two more times and then I deleted it all. If they kept at it, the Epic account IS linked to Nintendo Accounts in some fashion...

some people have never even touched fortnite yet get hacked, so I'm unsure what's going on. I hope it gets patched up soon.

It's always Nintendo that suffers through this. Just sad really.

Wed Apr 01 20 04:28am
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It was an April Fools joke:


Obviously given what happened recently I did believe that this hack was possibly real but I was very unconvinced that the games in the flipnote images were legitimate, given that it was all rumored stuff (which wouldn't be all Nintendo has), was way to close to what fans would want out of an E3 (as supposed to a real more varied lineup) and also Nintendo wouldn't put their E3 lineup partially in files for another game on a server. I assumed if this was real that what ever those images were were added in by the leakers as a joke, so I guess that was sort of on to something.

I can understand their online service getting hacked because it’s...online. But why are sensitive things like development servers not airgapped? The only way you should be able to access them is to gain physical access to the offices. Unless they’ve set up some remote connection if people are working from home...might need better VPN security.


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