ARMS "Battle for Stardom" Party Crash event live today, and runs to April 4th, 2020

Party on!

Time for another ARMS Party Crash event! The "Battle for Stardom" event is now live, and it'll be sticking around until April 4th, 2020. This Party Crash pits Spring Man against Ribbon Girl to see who comes out on top. Fire up the game today and get involved!

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YES, I LOVE to participate in those Party Crash, when they stopped doing it was when I stopped playing ARMS.

I figure they're going to make the winner the official Smash representative.

The reveal in a little over two months... unless they make this one really, really short (the last one was 8 months if I recall) there's no way that will work...

ARMS is one of my favorite games on Switch. Have been LOVING getting back in and seeing people online. Once Nintendo Switch Online came out it was nearly impossible to find a game. Now I find them within seconds in ranked, and party mode is PACKED! Love it


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