Streets of Rage 4 devs on giving the game's soundtrack the attention it deserves

Continuing the legacy

The Streets of Rage series provides some amazing beat'em-up action, but its become equally as well-known for its extremely catchy soundtracks. We recently saw that Streets of Rage 4 is going to include a star-studded team of composers to bring the new installment to life, and in an interview with Game Designer Jordi Asensio, we learn about the team's reason for going all-out.

Streets of Rage games are like music albums. It’s an adventure; it tells a story through the game. The music of the originals is so good that people, myself included, still listen to the soundtrack. So from the beginning, we wanted to give music the attention it deserves, and thanks to Cyrille Imbert (Dotemu CEO) and Alex Aniel from Bravewave Productions, we managed to find tremendous artists, and not only from the video game industry.

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So why didn't you give the visuals the attention they deserve too? You know SOR isn't supposed to look like a Nickelodeon mobile game right?


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