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Sonic the Hedgehog cameo revealed, post-credits scene info, and Ben Schwartz comments on Sonic's original design

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by rawmeatcowboy
04 April 2020
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We've got a bounty of Sonic the Hedgehog movie info today, and it starts off with the above image. As confirmed by Sonic the Hedgehog artist Tyson Hesse, the echidna that fires an arrow at Sonic's owl mother early in the film is actually Pachacamac from Sonic Adventure. Pachacamac, the father of Tikal, served as the mystic chief and warlord of the Knuckles Clan 4,000 years ago.

Along with that, Hesse also confirms that the cameo from the post-credits scene in Sonic the Hedgehog was planned from the very start. We'll refrain from spoiling who turns up, but mention that Hesse said he worked on the design for that character, but wasn't the one responsible for the cameo.

Finally, we have comment form Ben Schwartz, the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog. In an interview with Cinemablend's ReelBlend podcast, Schwartz talks about the reaction to the original Sonic design, and the subsequent redesign. See what he had to say below.

"The way that I saw it first I think was on the trailer. I had to do ADR for the actual trailer because up until then it was all very temp," Schwartz said. "But I believe the trailer had to be done very quickly or something like that. So the first time I saw it was then. And then when it came out and the reaction it got when it came out. First of all we didn’t know if anyone would care. We care because we like video games and movies it seems. But the biggest thing we learned from that was that when it came out so many people were so vocal and it became a huge thing. It got passed around so much. It may have not been the most positive reason why it was getting passed around, but it got passed around so much and so people had such heartfelt passionate ideas for it. That the biggest thing we learned was ‘Oh, people care a lot. Let’s look at this and figure it out.'

The big thing they were trying to do was how do you bring Sonic into the real world? Because he’s a computer character, you can’t just bring him in. How will he look in a real life situation? So I think that’s what they were tackling. But I will say the new version… when I was doing my voice the whole time I was doing it the way the new version looks. In my head, that’s the way it looked. So when I saw the first one I was like ok, but when I saw the second one I was like ‘This is in my head what the little guy looks like.’"