Neo Geo Pocket Color game "SNK Gals Fighters" rated for Switch release

In the year 2000...

Looks like we can expect a bit of Neo Geo Pocket Color action on the Switch in the future. A rating for SNK Gals Fighters, a game that hit the Neo Geo Pocket Color many years ago, has just popped up in Korea. We don't know how this game will be delivered, but it seems like a good candidate for the Samurai Spirits Neo Geo Collection. If anything, it'll be offered as a preorder bonus for that title in Japan.

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Let's they release some more ngpc games. I'd love dark arms beast buster 1999.

Sat Apr 04 20 06:06pm
Rating: 1

Would love a SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium remake or emulation on Nintendo Switch, but would require both companies to work something out.

Sat Apr 04 20 09:22pm
Rating: 1

A remake would be great! I was hoping that they would've made one for the 3DS, with a smoother game engine and upgraded graphics and sounds.

Some kind of hd rendition, but keeping the chibi factor would be nice.

Nice, i hope this means the NGPC Metal Slug games also have a chance.


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