All titles in BioShock: The Collection and Borderlands Legendary Collection can be purchased individually from the Switch eShop

Collect the ones you want

Is there one particular game you'd like to get from either BioShock: The Collection or Borderlands Legendary Collection? Turns out you don't have to buy the collections just to get the game you want. As long as you go the eShop route, you can pick and choose whatever games you want.

The Switch eShop has individual listings for all titles included in both the BioShock: The Collection and Borderlands Legendary Collection. Unfortunately, we don't have pricing on the individual games right now. Visiting the respective eShop pages for each games gives you a "redeem download code" link, but no pricing info. I'd imagine each game will end up being priced somewhere around $15 to $20, but that's just a guess based on the $50 price for the retail collections.


Sun Apr 05 20 08:29am
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It's nice to have that flexibility!

I'm just super disappointed that Borderlands doesn't have everything on the cart for the retaill version. It was a must buy for me, but I really don't want to buy a 8G cart and have to eat up triple that space on my sd card.

Other than that, this here is pretty good news. I mean each one of those trilogies has an absolute classic, an okay game and a game that is kind of forgettable. I don't know about Xcom though but that stands for Borderlands and Bioshock. So yeah, people might be happy to be able to just pick up Bioshock 1 and Borderlands 2 and not bother with the rest.

Personally I love Bioshock 1, but 2 plays better and the story is also great. It's not as innovative (it couldn't be) but it delves deeper into Rapture and its lore. I don't care much for Infinite. The story is confusing for the sake of being so. And the development of the game had to drop and change a bunch of thing that they had shown the public, so that was also disappointing. People say that the DLC for Infinite is great, but I haven't gotten that far into the collection yet.
(I played all 3 on PS3, and this year played one again on the PS4)


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