Hacker discovers and fixes Super Mario 64 smoke glitch nearly 24 years after the game released


Did you know that Super Mario 64 had a glitch that caused Mario's smoke animation to display incorrectly? We've all seen the animation of Mario running around with smoke pouring out after touching fire, but none of us knew we were seeing a glitch in action. Turns out the smoke that comes billowing out wasn't being displayed properly.

Hacker BlazeHedgehog has been snooping around Super Mario 64's code and noticed that something was a bit off with the smoke animation. With a one-line fix, he managed to get the results that Nintendo originally intended for the game. You can see the before and after comparison in the tweet above.

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I'm gonna say this was discovered, but the devs figured the bug looked better and kept it. Cause I think the bug looks better than the fix.

I think you're right.. The stream of black smoke rather than the higher res. puffs might have been considered better looking and so they might have deliberately kept it in...

I haven't played it in so long, which animation did the DS version use?

Would be nice if someone uploaded a vid of this.

I think the fixed one looks much better.

Nah..the original one looks way better than the fixed. Mario's butt can be seen burning while the fixed one doesn't do that.

Nintendo better fix that up in the upcoming re-release.


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