RUMOR - Universal working on another DOOM movie, John Cena being considered for the lead

Bringing the series back to its roots...with a wrestler

The first DOOM movie came out all the way back in 2005, and it featured The Rock in the lead role. Then we had 2019's DOOM: Annihilation, a direct-to-dvd/streaming movie that was received extremely poorly. Even after that disaster, it seems Universal isn't done with the franchise.

Rumors have come out stating that Universal is once again working on a DOOM movie, but this one will be a reboot for the franchise. Expect this film to see a theatrical release, and it will focus on the events of the original DOOM game from 1993. Also, while not locked in yet, Universal is interested in landing John Cena for the lead.

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Aw, it won't be much fun watching a movie where a bunch of demons fight an enemy they can't see.

(Yeah, sorry for the obligatory "U can't see me" joke.)

So this would be the third movie in the franchise where the so called "icon" is nowhere to be seen.

Did the cyberdemon or the mastermind appeared in the newer one?


It was total and utter the garbage.

I went back and watched the other one afterwards, and it's actually really rather good when all is said and done. All it really needed was a couple more of the iconic enemies and for the Rock to turn into the Cyberdemon and the end, and I think then it kinda would have been about as good a Doom movie as anyone could have ever reasonably expected. The direction and cinematography and sets and acting and music and action and all that was actually solid.

The first movie is more faithful as a Doom 3 adaptation. But IMO a true Doom movie should have been as the first Mortal Kombat movie (albeit with gore, or even cartoony gore). Cheesy, overacted, funny, over the top. Doom is a product of the 90s and I think even the newer Doom games do embrace some excesses of that era.

Maybe nowadays it should be filmed like Crank

I would say the "Doom Guy" was in the original for all intents and purposes, just not in exactly the same iconic form as the game. But the new one was just beyond cringe and embarassing.

And one they day they might even do things right. Although, this time I fear they're going to base in on the more recent Doom games where they have the vastly over-powered Doom Slayer and take away everything that made the original Doom games so compelling and indeed would work really well in a movie. I don't want to watch a Doom film that's basically just about a superhero killing bad guys with little to no fear he's ever even in danger.


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