LEGO Mario Set already receives a negative review

The LEGO Mario Set is now available for pre-order, and someone has already felt the need post a review. This person has made it clear that he/she is a Sonic fan, and as such, the user has left a negative review to spite the fact that it is a Mario product. Hopefully this review will not impact the overall sales of the upcoming LEGO Mario product.

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Tue Apr 07 20 10:36am
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Is a consumer review really news?

The graphics are terrible it's so blocky.

Tue Apr 07 20 10:36am
Rating: 5

Is a consumer review really news?

Yeah, it’s not really a slow news day, so why would this site post a filler story?

That reviewer should realize that his actions have consequences.

Should have supported this ( https://ideas.lego.com/projects/d7fef363-ead4-413e-a3e2-d9aa848e1cee ) instead of complaining.

Tue Apr 07 20 11:58am
Rating: 1

Oh my gosh, there's no Sonic so I'm not going to buy the Mario Lego one because they decided to do a Mario one instead of Sonic.

Like seriously?

I’m quite the opposite, I’m a Mario fan over Sonic but I’m not going to make a negative review because the product is not what I love or whatever. This is more of a hate comment instead of a bad review. Whoever this person is needs to get a life.

This person is clearly trapped in the 90s.

I’d argue that Sonic’s way of conducting himself in his idle animations and whatnot in the early games is actually pretty timelessly cool, but different strokes, different folks.

SammyClassicSonicFan is that you?


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