Biped's music director discusses the game's fusion of musical styles

Going for a Nintendo-like sound

The co-op adventure game Biped is making its way to Switch later this year, and it seems perfect for the platform. Not only does it have a vibe that fits in well with Nintendo's audience, it also is taking that approach with its soundtrack. Music director Koozer Zhang explains in an interview with NintendoSoup.

I would describe the music as quite special and unique. It’s a mixture of jazz, world music, electronic music and Nintendo style. It’s very challenging to fuse those different musical styles together, especially putting the world music elements together in those fun grooves with other elements.

I really like the music for the game. Thomas did a great job on the score. Experimenting with all the different possibilities and finding the right musical style we were going for was definitely a process. I think Thomas really enjoyed that process though. It was challenging, yet satisfying for him to compose this new style of music.

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