Rhythm Heaven creator wants to see the series on Switch, asks fans to come together to make it happen

Wubba dubba dubba THAT'S TRUE!

Rhythm Heaven creator and composer Tsunku♂️ would love to see the series have a crack at the Switch. Tsunku♂️ took note of a fan on Twitter who was hoping to see the franchise come to Switch, and he chimed in with support. Tsunku♂️ says fans should "raise their voices together" to let Nintendo know that the series should make its way to Switch. Being a huge fan of the series myself, I'm certainly down to add my voice to the chorus!


drew ciccotelli
Wed Apr 08 20 02:59pm
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This is what should be coming to switch.

I've been wanting this since the Switch was announced! Let's go!

YES... I was thinking this exact thing yesterday. Bring AS MUCH Rhythm Heaven as possible to the Switch.

Wait, this still isn't in development yet?? Get 'er goin' already!!

Oh hell yeah! If they at least ported Megamix on Switch, I'd be more than happy!

YES, I’ve been wanting this since the release of the Switch! I started a hashtag on Twitter, #RhythmHeavenSwitch, we should all use it!


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