Destructive Creations teasing a Switch release

We think we know what it is

Destructive Creations has taken to Twitter with the image above, alongside the following message.

Something is going to be released soon. Do you have an idea what will it be?

While Destructive Creations isn't ready to reveal their game yet, we think we know what it is. There have been countless listings for Ancestors Legacy coming to Switch, and Destructive Creations is the team behind that project. It seems like they'll be confirming all those retail listings in the near future.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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The image behind the Switch is from Hatred though. If it's actually Hatred then I'm wondering "how?" because that game's rated AO so PC is the only platform you can buy it on, as all three console makers don't allow AO games on their systems. I have Hatred on Steam because I got it super cheap and was morbidly curious to see what this Postal 1 clone was all about, and it was just alright. Were it not for the over-the-top edginess it'd basically just be known as a competent but forgettable Postal 1 clone.


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