GamerPro's Switch Charging Storage Stand is a beautiful monster, and it's currently $20 off

Frankenstein's greatest creation

The GamePro Switch Charging Storage Stand is a Frankenstein of all things charging and storage for the Switch. I can't tell if it's beautiful or a freak of nature. Either way, the sucker does pack in a lot of storage and charging options for your Switch. It's normally priced at $70, but you can grab it now for $50. Check out a full rundown of details on this product below.

Our Charging Storage Stand is among the best accessories you could get for your Nintendo Switch right now. Our Stand might look extreme at first and that's because it does so much for you and your Nintendo Switch. This accessory will be common for the years to come, as it will always charge Nintendo Type-C controllers, Joy-Con's and Poke Ball's.

Our Charging Stand allows you to store 8 games, which we keep our go-to games stored on ours. This makes it easy and convenient to switch through physical games. If you buy digital, this stand still comes in useful for the rapid charging capabilities it brings.

Benefits Of Our Charging Stand

✔Faster charging
✔Remove risk of losing items
✔Store 8 games
✔Improves organization
✔Improves Switch dock's balance
✔Houses Switch, games, controllers and Poke-balls


- 4 Joy-Con Charging Slots
- 2 Pro Controller Charging Slots
- Store up to 8 Game Cases
- 2 Additional Controller Hangers
- Removable Pokeball Holder
- Slidable Bottom For Switch Dock
- Sturdy And Compact Design
- 6 Charging Indication Lights

Grab yours here

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A Switch accessory that doesn't require you to disassemble your official dock? I might have to give this a look.

Fri Apr 10 20 12:21am
(Updated 1 time)

I have one of these and it's really great, but shop around -- they deliberately price it in that $50-$70 range so they can put it on sale all the time at much deeper discounts. I got a slightly smaller one that has the Switch dock resting on top, and which doesn't actually have charging built-in, for about $20. (Which, given the cheap plastic, was still too much, but it is very useful and I'm very pleased with it.)


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