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Japanese retailer sees over 200k customers sign up for a chance to buy the Switch/Ring Fit Adventure

This is how dire the stock situation is
by rawmeatcowboy
09 April 2020
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Remember when the Switch first launched in Japan and it was hard to find? Retailers started running lotteries that customers could sign up for, and if they were chosen, they would be able to buy some of the limited Switch stock. Well those lotteries are back, and they're apparently bigger than ever.

Japanese retailer Yamada Denki started a lottery system for potential Switch customers, as well as Ring Fit Adventure, which is also hard to find. The store had 130 Switch units and 900 copies of Ring Fit Adventure to go around, so they opened the lottery to make things a bit more fair for customers. That lottery proved insanely popular, as over 200k people signed up!

Remember, this isn't a lottery to win these items. The only thing you win is the chance to pay full price for these items!